Use a Link Shortener to Increase Traffic and Reach Business Goals

When you’re trying to build an audience for your business, it can be difficult to get the word out. There are so many social media sites and online publications these days that it can feel like you have to do everything yourself to get your brand noticed. 

One way you can help reach your target audience is by using a link shortener. Services like Incises, let you add Call-To-Action or Splash on any destination URL. These short links automatically contain a banner/floating window or a bridge page that links back to your site. 

So if people feel interested, they will be able to easily click on the banner (CTA) from wherever they are and automatically be taken directly to your page.

What is a link shortener?

A link shortener is a service that will shorten the destination URL with your custom domain so that it’s easier to remember, share around on like social media or a blog post and retain all SEO benefits. 

These services make it easier for people to find your content on other websites. They automatically link back to your page, which helps drive traffic to your site and increases your visibility. 

1) Link shorteners can be used to increase traffic and reach goals: Link shorteners are effective because they allow you to convert long links into shorter links that are easier to remember. Features like password protection or expiry date on link services like Incises give you more control over how many people see your content and allow you to adjust it for maximum impact. 

2) You get more control over your content: You’re able to change how the link appears on other websites by changing the text, image, or call-to-action that’s included with the shortened link. This attribute allows you to customize how the link works for different types of people who see it online. 

If someone sees an ad in their Facebook feed for a specific product, for example, you can use a link shortener that includes an image of something related like a bottle of wine so they can click through and go directly to your website where they can order the bottle they saw advertised in their news feed. 

3) Link shorteners are easy to use and loaded with advanced features including, Geo/Device/Location targeting, 

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Benefit of link shortener

Link shorteners have benefits for businesses

Link shorteners have been a popular tool in the blogosphere for quite some time. 

But lately, an entirely new category of growth hack has been unlocked. With a new era of link shorteners like Incises, you can create from Call-To-Action to Splash / Bridge pages on your destination link. Imagine sharing an article from Entrepreneur, CNN, Techcrunch, or Harvard Business on your social media, and those articles have banners for your website. 

It’s a game changer, with unlimited content for growth and another untapped channel for traffic.

7 main ways you can use a link shortener

The main ways you can use a link shortener are: 

  1. Shorten long URLs and make them easier for people to remember.
  2. To help build your brand awareness.
  3. To help increase your website traffic.
  4. Re-target prospects using ads later on.
  5. To track analytics and determine what’s working, and which needs improvement.
  6. To create Bio-profile.
  7. To generate and use online QR codes.

Why you need to use a link shortener to grow your audience

One of the most important things to remember about using a link shortener is that you need to use it strategically. The idea is to put your link in places where people will find it relevant and be able to click on it. 

The best place for a link shortener to be used is on social media – not only will you reach your target audience, but you’ll also have a higher chance of getting that audience back to your site when they’re done looking at the post. 

A link shortener can be used on inbound links from pages that are relevant to yours, or on outbound links from pages where your content is being shared and shared with others. 

If you want more people to come back and visit your site, then using a link shortener is an easy way to do so.

4 best link shorteners for bloggers and business owners

There are a lot of link shorteners available, but these four stand out as the best. 

  1. Bitly: Easily accessible and basic in functionality.
  2. WordPress Link Shortener: This tool is completely free and offers analytics and social media integration, so it’s perfect for bloggers who want to easily get their links shortened on their blog posts. 
  3. Link tree: A link shortener to create a bio-profile, to be used on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  4. Incises: A unique link shortener with a jack of all trades. This is one of the most affordable link shorteners out there right now. Oh, and it does come with a WordPress plugin.
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Why do you NEED to use a link shortener

So why do you NEED to use a link shortener?

Expand your reach: If you want to make sure that your audience knows about your business, using a link shortener is one easy way to do it.

Boost traffic: Link shorteners are an easy way to increase traffic to your site because they help customers remember URLs easily and get them into what you have to offer. They can also be used at the end of articles or blog posts where you want readers to go directly to your site. This will lead visitors straight back to your website. 

Save time: Shortening links with a link shortener can save a lot of time when it comes to publishing content online or trying out different ideas. Things cannot be simpler than re-using existing content from any website or article and dropping your Call-To-Action or Splash/Bridge page on it.


Link shorteners are a wonderful tool that can help grow your audience. They are great for bloggers who want to build a following, but they also come in handy for businesses that want to grow their audience too. 

Link shorteners are great for businesses because they allow them to increase their traffic and reach their business goals. Just add a CTA later on any webpage or URL and you are good to go. 

They are quick and easy to use! If you want to increase your business’s traffic, you should use a link shortener.

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Frequently asked questions


What is a link shortener?

Link shorteners are saas (software as a service) that help you get more visibility for your website, posts, and social media by giving people easy access to your content. For example, a link shortener can give users who share links only a few characters they need to copy and paste instead of typing out the entire URL. 

They make the URL more memorable, as you can customize the alias at the end of the URL. 

Using a link shortener on your site or in social media will help contribute towards higher search engine optimization (SEO) rankings by decreasing the amount of external keyword-rich links pointing to your site. 

Using a link shortener is effective for getting traffic to your site, and visibility in the long term.

What are the benefits of using a link shortener?

There are several benefits to using a link shortener, including: 

1. It can help you grow your audience. 

2. It can help you increase traffic to your website. 

3. It can help you gain more exposure for your brand or business. 

4. It can help you track the traffic to your website. 

5. It can help you improve your SEO rankings.

6. Tag or Re-target your prospects using any Ads platform.

7. Re-direct users based on Geo/Language/Device they are accession from.

8. Add a call-to-action or bridge page to advertise your brand before/over the destination webpage.

9. Generate QR codes.

10. Create customizable Bio-profiles.